Twitter X Blue Wizard
This is the second promotional NFT “Twitter X Blue Wizard” from bluwizlegacy Chapter 2. When Blue Wizard became famous, he posted his Twitter link so that people could follow and read his tweets! He typically tweeted about BTCO NFTs and bitcoin forecasts. Do you want to find out? You can find him on Twitter at
The Blue Wizard ,He at the time (around December) liked to tweet about his new Obtained NFTs or how people were afraid to buy bitcoin. As his popularity grew, more people began to follow and respond to his tweets. That’s why this NFT exists: to showcase the chemistry between Blue Wizard and Twitter ;)
The blue wizard is illustrated as a manly hunk, with his face hidden while hugging the delicate twitter.
Before renaming his Twitter account bluewizard2022, it was hiddeninthegarden. After renaming it, someone was able to claim that name, but I’m not sure what happened to that account and idk what was his twitter name before hiddeninthegarden. I’m not sure how to check that! However, that is the story of this NFT.
Let me remind you that this NFT is part of a promotional Puzzle reward with a $1,000 prize. If you want to win the reward, you must solve the puzzle and clues contained within the NFTs.

Even if you solved parts (1) your wallet must contain promotional Puzzle NFTs and their variants, (2) your wallet must contain one pack open coupon, and you must have completed the quests!

Wallet Must contain These four variations? Yes, you have to own each Promotional NFT in your wallet. you can get these from the drop link I’ve posted in telegram or from the secondary market!.

Is there a pack open coupon? Oh yes, that you get from opening a legacy pack. Officially, there are only 1500 original packs are minted and available on market, and they are priced at $30. To be eligible for these puzzles and rewards, you must have a pack open coupon.

Quest 2: Spread positivity about Bluwizlegacy on Twitter by creating a tweet and tagging @bluwizlegacy in it.
How Can one Spread Positivity?
Well, by writing a tweet for us in this format
<telling it is all about telling Blue Wizard’s story through amazing art>, you can say it in any positive words you can think of, one more thing please fill out this google form after tweeting.

To be eligible for the Promotional Puzzle $1,000 USD reward, you must:
1) have one pack open coupon in your wallet;
2) have promotional NFTs in your wallet;
3) complete quests and solve the puzzle!;
4) fill out the form so I can keep track of your items and progress.

The first person to solve puzzle will receive a $1,000 USD reward. Everything is in the images, one clue leads to another, one step aids in the solution of the other, and it aids in the solution of the entire puzzle.