Blue Wizard Legacy isn’t associated with wiz token

Many people are comparing and connecting Blue $wizard Legacy with $$wiz token, during this article I would like people to know that these two are different things.
$wiz token, which many of us are angry about, was created by Blue $wizard himself, while Legacy is an NFT project directed and funded by me to inform the Blue $wizard story.
Legacy was never associated with $wiz token, however, people keep framing Legacy as it belongs to the Blue $wizard but it doesn’t. it is my story and my interpretation, I’m writing it on the Blue $wizard.
It starts from where he came into the community chapter 1 “The Presence”, then it moves onto Chapter 2 “Unsolvable Puzzles of the Blue $wizard” then what happened with the $wiz token it’ll come in Chapter 3.
But that’s for Chapter 3! I don’t want any kind of discussion related to the $wiz token in legacy chat or people blaming me for the dump. I can understand if some wannabe millionaires wanted to get rich overnight, but it is recommended to do your own research before investing in any project. Nobody ever forced you to do the investment. How I understand the current situation is that some believe Blue $wizard may be a scammer, some believe he’s not a scammer, it doesn’t matter to me in the least as I’m just the storyteller. I have a neutral feeling related to $wiz token. I am just telling the story of how things went and the way they play out. People often pop into legacy to speak about $wiz token, moving forward this subject will be forbidden as I would like to stay focused on the art and on the previous experience. As Legacy is concentrated presently on when the blue $wizard showed up, I prefer toxic and haters to keep Legacy far away from the matter for now. I can understand if some wannabe millionaires couldn’t get rich overnight and are frustrated, but Legacy ART is great. I can not doom this art before it starts.
For those who believe the Blue $wizard, I’ve created a rarity called “legacy” for them.

For those who don’t believe in the Blue $wizard, they can collect the “conjure” rarity of the art.

Just to keep everyone happy I’m trying my best. Collect what you would like but please keep $wiz token and Legacy separate from each other as they’re not connected. If you would like to understand what really happened during the past few days it will be told in Chapter 3, until then, please wait patiently and luxuriate in the good art being produced by our artists.
For Chapter 2 I titled it “Unsolvable puzzles of the Blue $wizard” because many attempted to do it but failed, some say it had been missing logic some found the logic but found it hard to unravel.
Legacy hasn’t launched yet and other people don’t understand that Legacy is simply a story, an NFT collection! It doesn’t relate to the $wiz token in any way! Now we are stuck on Chapter 1 for now “The Presence”. First chapter NFT’s are going to encapsulate Blue $wizard’s presence into 8 amazing pieces of art with 5 variations, yes there is going to be a total of 40 NFT’s on our first launch.
I was going to launch Chapter 1 soon, however thanks to these unforeseen events I’m forced to delay it until Legacy gets its name clear from $wiz token. Again, these two aren’t related.
As for me, I’m here within the NFT space from GPK s1. I’m scripting this story because I found the Blue $wizard a really interesting character for my story. Now I even have a tremendous story to tell with an unexpected and interesting plot twist and this story will be told! When Blue $wizard closed the $wiz token chat and when that dump happened some wannabe millionaires tried to frame me with that matter. I can’t tell you how much this hurt, I cried for hours, was hospitalized for a day due to the trauma. Why?
Because I did something for the community, yet they don’t even know and tried to frame me, I was the top holder of $wiz token, and that I didn’t dump the shit when it peaked at 0.002, if you do not believe me, you can check my ETH address on the blockchain yourself.


If I wished I could have made everyone poor over the night and run away with the money, but no, I didn’t dump and I stayed for you guys, now I am not sure if it was a rug pull or just a big dump but for god sake stop framing the thing on Legacy or on me. I am just a storyteller.
I did sell 1 billion WIZ at 0.000018 price to take my investment back, which was a really bad mistake because I did it at the wrong time! listening to the FUD made me do it. Anyway, the point is you have my ETH address. You know what Legacy is all about now, so please let’s just enjoy this art, the storytelling of this experience, and collect some great NFT’s together.