Bluewizard x TG hunter group
This is bluwizlegacy Chapter 2’s third promotional NFT “Bluewizard X TG hunter Group.” When Blue Wizard became famous, he announced that he would be giving puzzles to the community, and to that end,

Twitter X Blue Wizard
This is the second promotional NFT “Twitter X Blue Wizard” from bluwizlegacy Chapter 2. When Blue Wizard became famous, he posted his Twitter link so that people could follow and read his tweets! He typically tweeted about BTCO NFTs and bitcoin forecasts. Do you want to find…

The Blue wizard legacy’s second chapter begins. First, we presented the blue wizard’s presence, and now we are going to narrate the blue wizard puzzles, which occurred when he stopped/slowed purchasing items in the community and announced that he was going to throw puzzles to train young minds.
He goes on…

There were 500 pre-sale packs available for purchase. Legacy Collection will not mint any more pre-sale packs because they were limited edition. You might be able to find one on the secondary market if someone lists one, but that’s about it.

You can find the Pre-Sale Packs in the secondary…

Blue Wizard Legacy is an NFT ART project that tells the story of the blue wizard, a well-known figure on the wax blockchain.
The story is divided into chapters, and we are currently on chapter one, “the presence,” which describes the blue wizard presence when the guy first appeared in the…

The top five holders of the bluwizlegacy collection at the time of the screenshot prior to the release of Chapter 1 receive the following rewards:

1) One NFT Special Edition

A limited-edition NFT for the top five legacy holders. Only five will ever be minted. This is a reward for…

We have our screen shots. There are two types of screen shots:
one for top legacy holders, who will receive
e 1) a special NFT
2) 500 wax
3) a pack coupon redeemable for a pack after the sale
Here are our top five legacy holders.

  1. eskay.wam
  2. slwqy.wam
  4. inlovewivbtc
  5. .ogqy.wam

As it was mentioned in “details” only top 5 holders get the reward
Moving on our point system screen shot.

Yes, I am going to take two screenshots of legacy holders.
One is for presale, and the other is for legacy top holders with the most NFTs in legacy!
The one for presale has a point system; what exactly is this presale?
It’s a discounted sale for legacy holders, and it’s only available…

Blue Wizard Legacy

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